Commercial and Residential Remodeling

Owner | Henry Yu

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  Low Price Remodeling was a company started 10 years ago by Henry Yu. Although, back then, he didn't know it was called Low Price Remodeling or that it was even going to develop into a company.

It all started off as Henry saw in the market a gap between a readily available supply and demand chain. He saw that there were many people looking for remodeling work to be done. However, for the average person, if they thought to themselves "I need to replace the my kitchen tile" they wouldn't automatically know who to call.

Keep in mind this was all before Angie's list, as well. Henry saw that the remodeling business was a lot of word of mouth. When roofers or window replacers work on a house, they make sure to advertise in several different ways. Henry saw that this advertisement was important, and thought that he could fulfill that role of advertiser.

He knew several handymen who seemed like they were consistently looking for work. So, he stepped in and found them work. With his business and communication skills, it was only inevitable that he would build a strong network of employees that could do excellent drywall, painting, wood work, metal work, plumbing, tile, etc. He built this network all the while keeping the work he provided at top quality.

Henry's strategy of recruiting workers is that he must see their work on their own project first before he will let them handle his clients' projects. At this point, we are a general contracting company that work with their clients in flexible ways to assure a cheap, efficient, top quality project to completion.

What They Say

  Our clients tell us that they love working with us because they feel like they have a large say in the whole project. We are flexible and always try to cater to the needs of our customers. Small details of a project can be changed on the spot without much hassle. Complaints are always heard and dealt with face-to-face with the owner of the company.

We also give our customers a lot of choice in the materials they want used. We let you choose the width of the hardwood floor you want. We let you choose the type of tile you want. We let you choose the baseboard, the penciling, etc. Our job is to install it for you, you may choose the type of material you like.