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Owner | Henry Yu

安装硬木瓷砖地板,油漆水电维修,厕所厨房地下室装修 。


 We are experts in installing hardwood, tile, and laminate floors. We remodel entire basements, kitchens, and bathrooms. This includes plumbing and electrical work.
We work throughout the greater Chicagoland and South Texas area. We have extremely flexible hours and free estimates.

 We are also able to go to other states to remodel your restaurant massage, or many other possible types of commercial business buildings.

 We have experience in remodeling foreclosed properties and working with your home owners' associations. We offer turn key, end to end service.

How Our Company Works

 In the beginning, it was difficult. But after 10+ years in the Industry, we are fully confident and proud of our work.
We work as a general contractor that advertises for work and completes estimates for this work. Then, from a list of handymen employees who specialize in different areas, most of whom we have worked with for over half a decade, we select the team and team leader that fits your projects' needs.

Contrary to popular belief

 As a general contractor that works with employees rather than a company that owns them, people believe that we are less responsible for their work.
That is a misinformed line of reasoning. In actuality, we are held more responsible for our workers' completed projects. Around 70% of the work we receive is through word of mouth. Clients that enjoyed our quality, fast, and cheap work will tell their friends with full confidence of their recommendation after working with us. As a general contracting company, we have more flexibility with employees since they don't have company contracts. Throughout the years, we have gone through a rigourous process of only retaining the best employees for the different types of remodeling. We are a fully insured general contracting company that thrives on its reputation alone, which we proudly uphold.

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